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Smart Monitoring

Anunta’s 24×7 smart monitoring service, based on its patented SaaS-based AIOps platform for EUC infrastructures – EuVantage – deploys predictive analytics to proactively identify and remediate emerging performance, capacity and configuration issues across the delivery ecosystem.

Anunta’s Smart Monitoring service is delivered remotely from its Enterprise Nerve Centers (ENC). It provides adaptive analytics and smart dashboards for actionable insights, along with an integrated view of topology and performance, enabling cross-domain correlation across all dependent systems. Additionally, a Smart Monitoring service provides insights into end-user experience, capacity and resource utilization.


Timely Troubleshooting of End User Problems
Automated root-cause analysis, session look-up and event correlation for faster troubleshooting of end-user problems.
Integrated Reports for Cross Domain Analysis
Integrated view of topology and performance, enabling cross-domain correlation.
Reduction in Incident Alarms
Proactive monitoring resulting in 70% reduction in trouble tickets and 60% reduction in alarms.
Reduced MTTR for Infrastructure Efficiency
Up to 70% reduction in Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) with better visibility leading to improved infrastructure efficiency.