Infrastructure Patch Management | Change & Problem Management

Change & Patch Management

With compliance & security controls becoming increasingly stringent, there needs to be a focused approach towards regular infrastructure patch management. It may not always be feasible for organizations to maintain a separate team for this purpose alone. A gap in the Change & Patch Management process may lead to serious infrastructure anomalies affecting end-user experience and cause unnecessary delays hampering their end-user performance and productivity.

Anunta’s Change and Patch Management service ensures that your infrastructure is up to speed with the latest security & bug fix patches released by all leading virtualization OEMs. All patches are subjected to UAT environment before they are released into the production environment.

Change Management process ensures all updates/upgrades are applied to the infrastructure are reviewed and approved by the Change Advisory Board.


Patch Compliant Infrastructure
Customer’s IT managers can rest assured, knowing that their systems are patch compliant with the latest security updates, bug fixes and software releases at all times.
Minmized Downtime & Improving Availability
Impact analysis UAT performed before patch roll-out ensures coherence with existing operations and minimises downtimes and the need to roll back updates.
Roll Back Flexibility
Image versioning processes allow for copies of the last two versions of working images to be maintained, this permitting the flexibility to roll back in case of any application & image incompatibility issues.