Managed Desktop

A secure and fully managed desktop solution for enhanced employee productivity and superior user performance.

Most IT teams are unable to focus on the strategic IT goals of the organization, as they are fully occupied in delivering administrative tasks of addressing day to day end-user performance issues, managing and setting up disparate desktop environments (physical and virtual desktops), mobile devices, networks and servers, multiple vendors, patch & updates, and software licenses. This leads to not only inefficient IT operations and reduced end-user satisfaction but lack of long term strategic planning in IT.

Anunta’s Managed Desktop is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and optimize end user management and free critical IT management resources to pursue strategic goals. Anunta’s Managed Desktop reduces operating costs, provides enhanced security and compliance and brings a proactive approach to EUC management. Wherever appropriate, it also includes migration of your workloads from traditional client-server architectures to a unified desktop and application services environment across any cloud and virtualization technology and the subsequent management of your cloud (or hybrid) environment.

Anunta’s full service Managed Desktop can provide you with hassle-free centralized management of desktop environment and click of a button deployment along with complete data security, at a considerably lower TCO.

Managed Desktop offers

Anunta’s Managed Desktop solutions is an end to end implementation and management solution that completely take away the pain of IT teams in provisioning, configuration, migration, and testing of cloud (public and private) desktops and IT infrastructure management while allowing them to focus on strategic priorities of business growth and profitability.

On-premises VDI
Anunta’s On-premises VDI is designed for customers wanting to maximize their ROI by adopting virtual desktops hosted in your data center and offers 24×7 support.
Managed DaaS
Anunta’s Managed DaaS solution provides end to end delivery of the desktops on any cloud with comprehensive 24X7 support.
Traditional Desktop Environment
Anunta’s Traditional Desktop solution provides an integrated set of services, including helpdesk, monitoring and remote infrastructure management.

How Managed Desktop solution adds value to your business

End to end ownership : Anunta takes complete ownership of design, implementation and management of both virtualized and traditional desktop environments thereby enabling IT teams to focus on core strategic objectives.
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership : The Managed Desktop optimizes in-house IT resources by being an extension to your team with specialized skills in implementing virtual desktops and managing the traditional environment. It also defers capital expenditure and converts it to operating cost and reduces the TCO.
Flexible pricing and Delivery model : The Managed Desktop is offered at a flexible pricing and delivery model for customers depending on their business need. The solutions are available both on per-user per month pricing for on-premises and pay as you go for cloud adoption. The environment can be managed through both onsite and remote model.
Outcome based SLAs : Anunta offers 24×7 support services that include, SLA based incident & problem management thereby enhancing end-user satisfaction and productivity. Anunta typically achieves incident to user ratios of less than 0.3 (far lower than industry average of 0.8 to 1.2)
Zero downtime and business disruption : The Managed Desktop solution makes sure that the customer infrastructure is up and running round the clock by eliminating application brownouts and downtimes. We ensure your end-user performance is not impacted even during workload migration. This helps to ensure very high application availability of 99.98%. An effective governance structure helps us to manage user growth & ticketing spikes.
Enhanced employee productivity and process efficiency : Anunta brings very strong technical and domain expertise in designing and managing virtual desktops and traditional desktop environment. Our metric driven approach to managed services ensures fast-paced, on-time project completion resulting in zero business disruption and process efficiency. The 100% success rate in implementing highly complex use case scenarios, and ensuring rapid ramp-up of users and applications, leads to enhanced employee productivity.
Single Point of Accountability and Help desk : The Managed Desktop solution provides a 24×7 helpdesk and single point of contact for all end user specific issues, request routing and escalation. It restore normal service to operation as quickly as possible with minimum disruption to the business.

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