Digital Workplace

Reinvent how you work and enhance productivity, collaboration and engagement with Anunta’s Digital Workplace Solutions.

Employees now prefer to access enterprise applications across any device, anytime and from anywhere with a personalized user experience. This dynamic change in user preference driven by an increase in mobility has created challenges for both IT and HR teams. There is a need for organizations to adopt workplace transformation solutions to help their IT team in addressing the challenges of employee productivity, security, while ensuring end-user experience, and the HR team in attracting and retaining talent.

Anunta’s Digital Workplace solutions provide you with superior employee experience by delivering workplace transformation across any enterprise mobility management platforms like Citrix Workspaces, Citrix Unified Endpoint Management (formerly XenMobile), and VMware Workspace One. We bring years of extensive experience in design, implementation and management of digital workplace technologies, while architecting a secure digital workplace for employees with enhanced productivity.

Digital Workplace Offers:

Anunta’s Digital Workplace solution conceptualizes and implements a unified end-point management and a multi-layered mobility strategy for your business that ensures enterprise data security and privacy measures without impacting access and end-user experience.

Anunta’s Workspaces solution delivers and manages secures access to applications, desktops, and data from anywhere.
Anunta’s Mobility solution enable your end-users with true work flexibility across any mobility technology.
Identity Management
Anunta’s Identity Management solution enable authentication based secure access to applications, data and systems to your end-users.


Superior End user Experience : Uninterrupted access to enterprise applications on any device without any brownouts and downtime resulting in improved end-user satisfaction and productivity.
Enhanced Employee Productivity : Enhance your employee productivity by providing seamless and secured access to business applications and data with similar experience as in an enterprise network.
Anytime, Anywhere Access : Enable your employees with access to enterprise data and applications from anywhere at their convenience and on any device of their choice.
24X7 Support : Comprehensive Helpdesk that is available 24×7 and Single point of accountability for all end-user performance issues.
Security & Compliance : Seamless integration of devices into security frameworks and robust security policies to maintain complete employee data privacy.

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