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What are the benefits of VDI?

The benefits of VDI include,

  • Reduced costs – The VDI reduces the Capex involved in costly PC purchase and frequent IT refresh. The outsourced operations and pay-as-you-go model induce transparency on future requirements and helps manage Opex.
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device access to data and applications – As applications and data are stored on central servers, this enables access independent of the time, place and device enabling end-users enjoy flexible yet secure application availability.
  • Simplified management – Centralized storage of data and applications enable IT to manage desktops in an extremely efficient manner. Since user profiles are also stored centrally, rolling out OS, application and bug fixes are simplified.
  • Secure access – End-users only have access to applications and data specific to their roles as a result of role-based user profile creation and policy adherence. This also enables enterprises in providing contract employees and partners with secured access to relevant data and applications.
  • Rapid disaster recovery and business continuity – In the event of a disaster, virtual desktops can be provisioned from the centralized backup, thereby ensuring business continuity.