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Server Based Computing

Server Based Computing (SBC), also referred to as Hosted Shared Desktops (HSD), is a virtualization technology that uses shared desktops hosted on the server side or cloud which connect to multiple thin clients in the front-end enabling a large number of users to concurrently access the same desktop.

Our OEM agnostic expertise in providing services around virtualization technologies means that you are not limited to a particular set of options while building your SBC solution.

SBC/HSD is ideal when:

  • You have a set of users who need reliable and constant access to a limited number of light business applications. In such scenarios, using a normal PC environment is a waste of time and resources, especially if personalization requirements are low to non-existent.
  • You want to maintain reliability and end-user satisfaction while keeping application delivery costs to a minimum.

SBC/HSD deployments:

  • Deliver high ROI because a large number of users can be supported by a single Hosted Shared Desktop.
  • Have been around longer and the technology is relatively well understood and mature.
  • Can be scaled up cost effectively based on business needs.