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Today’s End-User Computing (EUC) needs are all about keeping the end-user upfront and central. Yet for IT departments, balancing the needs of employees at all levels, across diverse functions in a social, mobility, analytics and cloud stack without increasing complexity and management overhead is no simple task.

With so many moving parts:

  • Choice of technology and products, licensing considerations and scores of applications both hosted and SaaS
  • Complexity of managing a completely new and different application delivery chain with limited in-house skills
  • It is very easy to end up with an EUC system that:
    • Doesn’t scale as per business needs
    • Is unreliable and frequently leads to business interruption
    • Has a high TCO because of excessive upgrade and maintenance costs
and leaves users frustrated and unhappy. Anunta’s end to end management of new generation EUC environments on its proprietary management platform EuVantage®, takes the worry out of EUC.

New generation EUC architectures Anunta supports

Client Transformation Stories

When the branch of a national bank opened at a remote village in India its only lifeline was a shared 256 kbps VSAT link which didn’t have the bandwidth for the employees to access the core banking solution. The branch processed all transactions manually and sent a monthly or a bi-monthly report to the regional HQ on snail mail. After Anunta took over management of the project, it built a bespoke solution based on desktop virtualization, as a result of which the employees at the branch had uninterrupted access to critical applications like the core banking software letting them upload reports in real time and offer better banking services to customers. Productivity increased, efficiency spiked, and most importantly, users were happier and more satisfied at work.

Why partner with us

Focus on user experience
At Anunta, we obsessively focus on end-user experience while using desktop virtualization technologies to deliver the EUC solution, going so far as to offer SLAs on application performance at the end-user level.
Application Availability
Incident to User Ratio
Proactive Resolution %
Wide choice of technologies
Our long standing partnerships with multiple cloud computing and virtualization OEMs ensures that you have access to the latest solution offerings in the industry. But more importantly, because of our expertise and experience implementing and managing complex desktop virtualization projects across multiple industries we know the relative strengths and weakness of different offerings. This familiarity means that the end-user computing architecture which we build and manage for you will be both right-sized and right-fit.
Flexible engagement and solution delivery models
Do you only need help in evaluating which desktop virtualization technology can improve service delivery and cut costs, but are confident of building and maintaining the entire infrastructure yourself? Do want to leave everything, from technology evaluation to managing the EUC infrastructure to us? Depending on your business requirements and your budget we can tailor an engagement model that’s just right for you. You can:
  • Choose our end to end ADaaS® model which includes design, implementation and management, and provides SLAs on application performance at the end-user level.
  • Go with DaaS Plus where we help you pick a DaaS vendor, but provide support and management to ensure you get both performance and ROI.
  • Pick the Consulting, Audit, Assessment, and Migration option where we would provide the full design the desktop virtualization infrastructure environment.
  • Select system integration services.
  • Get the RIM (Remote Infrastructure Management), Service Desk, and Help Desk offering so that your application delivery infrastructure keeps on running without any interruptions.
  • Take the full management offering, which includes remote management on Anunta’s proprietary management platform EuVantage®, Service Desk and Help Desk.
  • Opt for a self-service model whereby you subscribe to Anunta’s SaaS-based management platform EuVantage® for movement of your own EUC environment.
Field tested working processes backed by deep domain expertise in desktop virtualization
We follow documented and field tested processes which ensure that complex projects like delivering EUC outcomes are completed within budget and on time. This process makes sure that all project goals and success parameters are met, and user adoption is guaranteed. But that’s not all. Our center of excellence backed by strong operational teams with close to 100 man years of combined experience in delivering enterprise EUC projects across multiple industries, gives you OEM agnostic advice on technologies and licensing and execute the project based on your requirements.


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