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Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization is a virtualization technology where the required applications are hosted and published in a data center, and are relayed as mere images to the end-user devices to capture actions (keystrokes and mouse actions) back to the application.

Anunta’s expertise and experience in working with the various technologies in application virtualization including Citrix XenApp, VMware ThinApp, and Microsoft App-V gives you multiple advantages which no system integrator can offer.

Application Virtualization is ideal when:

  • You wish to stream individual applications from the backend to endpoints without any application-to- application or application-to- OS conflicts.
  • You want to run multiple complex applications without worrying about DLL Hell or conflict management at each individual endpoint.
  • You want to enable BYOD by allowing users access to applications from any device.

Application Virtualization deployments:

  • Simplify patch management and instantly roll out updated versions of the application to your end-users.
  • Improve security and compliance by delivering applications and settings isolated from the underlying OS at the endpoints.
  • Drastically reduce support and hardware costs and the time taken to troubleshoot tickets.


  • Citrix XenApp for Application Virtualization
  • VMware ThinApp for Application Virtualization
  • Microsoft App-V for Application Virtualization