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Since its inception in 2012, Anunta has successfully onboarded 120,000+ users on VMware and Citrix environments for customers across various fields.

Based on the detailed Design plan developed by Anunta’s consulting team, or based on client recommendations, Anunta offers configuration, installation, integration and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) services to ensure readiness of the back-end cloud infrastructure.

Anunta is VMware’s Onboarding Services Partner for Horizon Cloud, and has successfully onboarded over 75 customers in the past year.

Anunta provides comprehensive Onboarding Services comprising of pre-onboarding activities as well as Implementation:

  • User Profiling
  • Test Plans
  • Network Setup – VPN, MPLS and Cloud exchange connectivities
  • Capacity augmentation
  • Provisioning
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Network readiness
  • Cloud Tenant creation
  • Domain – Active directory binding, DHCP, DNS setup
  • Virtual Desktop preparation – Application & user environment
  • Peripheral setup


End-to-end and single point responsibility ensures smooth adoption of virtualized workspaces.
Comprehensive nature of the onboarding process ensures minimal teething problems post onboarding.

Customer Impact:

A global power distribution company wanted onboarding services for cloud desktops for its offshore team consisting of nearly 1,000 users. With Anunta’s Onboarding services, it has already managed to seamlessly onboard nearly 50% of its users, and onboarding of the remaining 50% users is in process.

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